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How can we help you?

Is the nkwa service free?

YES, there are no hidden charges.

Can I create multiple saving goals?

YES you can.

How much can I start saving with?

You can start saving with as low as FCFA 100

What payment methods do you accept?

As of now we accept only MTN and Orange Mobile money, but in the coming months we will include a variety of other payment methods

what do you mean by locked savings?

This means every saving that you make under a plan can not be withdrawn back until the time duration initially set on the plan has elapsed

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, the first release version of our android app is available here:

What is nkwa?

nkwa is an online saving platform that lets you make locked savings towards achieving financial goals like buying a car, paying for rents, buying gifts, throwing an event, paying medical bills, taking a vacation etc

Can nkwa automatically withdraw savings or money from my mobile money account?

NO, each saving to be done or transaction to be made involving your account must be requested and accepted by you before the transaction is carried on

Have more questions?

Please visit our chat and ask any question you have or click on the contact us tab and fill the inquiry form

How secure are my savings

We stick to the highest security standards possible; this is why we have added an extra line of authentication to user accounts

Money has been deducted from my MOMO account but the transaction doesnt show in my nkwa account

If you experienced this, it means you delayed in responding to the payment request and the money wasnt sent to your nkwa account. But dont worry, just be patient, in the next 1-6 working hours your money will be refunded to your MOMO account.